A full-service real estate development company.

For more than 60 years, David S. Brown Enterprises, Ltd. has been bringing an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to each project it develops. As a long-term holder of real estate assets — with the vision to create apartment communities, commercial office buildings, retail shopping centers and mixed-use communities that stand the test of time and increase in value — the company utilizes the highest quality of materials and construction processes to accomplish this objective.

David S. Brown also chooses locations that maximizes the value of the land, achieves the “best and highest use” and are positioned in geographical areas that are “ahead” of the development curve. The company is a trendsetter rather than a follower.

After initially starting as a developer of small apartment buildings and retail centers, David S. Brown began tackling and successfully completing more sophisticated real estate projects and overcoming difficult challenges along the way. This includes, but is not limited to, the development of complex mixed-use office parks and retail projects, high-rise towers located in the core of Baltimore City, several Transit-Oriented Developments connected to heavy rail systems and the master-planning of an entire educational campus at Stevenson University.

Throughout our history, David S. Brown Enterprises has been recognized for developing signature real estate projects that address the specific needs of the area, the employee and residential base and those that consistently raise the bar. It is the reason we specify only high-end materials and amenities in our apartment units and Class “A” office buildings, and construct projects featuring all-brick exteriors.
Each David S. Brown project has been carefully designed to inspire and to build long-term value.

Comprehensive building experience and expertise.

David S. Brown is adept at converting raw land into a high performing real estate asset. Our in-house development team manages every step of the process, including selecting, directing and engaging with zoning professionals, site engineers, architects, marketing consultants and designers. We act as our own general contracting entity and choose sub-contractors that share and reflect our commitment to quality and integrity, as well as managing the entire process step-by-step.
Shopping habits shift quickly and David S. Brown’s commercial real estate portfolio keeps pace with innovative exterior and interior designs that exceed the expectations of companies, retailers and consumers. Strategically positioned throughout the Central Maryland marketplace, the commercial office and retail properties have become premier environments for employees to work, consumers to shop, and for the public to interact.

In-house design resources.

David S. Brown is staffed with an experienced team of construction managers, design professionals, and asset/property management personnel that are extremely familiar with the nuances of every project. This understanding and knowledge enables our professionals to respond quickly to the needs of current and future tenants with accurate space and construction plans. Delivery times are shortened and expenses are reduced. Our in-house team also minimizes the need for outside consultants, creates higher value for the tenant and reduces the possibility of mistakes.
David S. Brown also handles the leasing of its entire portfolio with in-house staff. We place a premium on delivering flexible and accurate tenant build-out and floor plans that meet the exacting needs of our tenants.

Responsive asset and property management services.

The comprehensive in-house asset and property management team of David S. Brown includes numerous on-site locations. This assures the 24/7 response to day-to-day property maintenance concerns, the regular upkeep of all common areas and grounds and the preservation of a professional and clean office, retail and residential environment.

As an owner and manager, David S. Brown recognizes the importance of maintaining a first-class appearance at all times. Our team monitors each property on a daily basis and sets forth a pro-active maintenance policy to reduce or eliminate any disruption of services. This includes regular up-keep of the landscaping to maximize curb appeal and the rapid removal of snow and ice to ensure the safety of our tenants and the regular operations of their business entities.