Who We Are

Founded in 1933, David S. Brown Enterprises, LTD. is one of Baltimore’s most innovative real estate companies providing development, construction, leasing, sales and management services.

Early on, we realized the only way to develop a piece of land to our satisfaction was to control every aspect of its development. To that end, we search out the most desirable properties, design and construct to maximize the land’s potential, market, sell and lease the space, as well as handle the property’s overall management. Our proven ability to control and oversee each step in the development process is what allows us to offer such consistently high quality in everything we do.


David S. Brown Enterprises, LTD. is an established presence in the Baltimore region, with an undisputed reputation for quality and excellence, and unsurpassed wisdom for what works best. From land development to construction to completed space, we are a hands-on firm, and we guarantee quick response. Since we’re both the developer manager and general contractor, we’ve eliminated any complications.


Originally founded in 1933, David S. Brown Enterprises, LTD. has its roots based firmly in Baltimore. What began as a single residential project has now grown to become one of Baltimore’s premier real estate companies, providing development, construction, leasing, sales and management services.

Family owned and run for three generations, David S. Brown Enterprises, LTD. is known for its fierce independence and almost zealous commitment to quality construction. Whether it’s rerouting a waterway to improve a home’s curb appeal, importing European technology to increase a garage’s parking maneuverability or creating a campus-like atmosphere for results-oriented businesses, nothing is deemed impossible and no detail is ever too small. That management philosophy has driven David S. Brown Enterprises’ growth for more than 70 years, and is their continued commitment for the future.

Property Managers

When you work with David S. Brown Enterprises, LTD., you have peace of mind knowing that your business or residence will be maintained completely. As an owner-manager, we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. We constantly monitor the properties’ conditions, seeking ways to improve them. In addition, David S. Brown Enterprises property management service handles everything from repairs to maintenance to landscaping – saving you time and reducing hassle. With our commitment to quick response, along with 24-hour on-call service, we allow you to get on with the business of doing business, or live your life.

Leasing & Sales

As an extension of our management services, David S. Brown Enterprises, LTD. also handles the leasing and sales of its properties. We pride ourselves on our flexible and fast turnaround to give you the floor plan that best meets your needs. Tell us what you want—we’re always here to listen and address your changes or concerns.