Building Value

Throughout our history, David S. Brown Enterprises has been recognized for developing signature real estate projects that address the specific needs of our audiences and end-users, consistently raise the bar and stand the test of time.

Strategically positioned throughout the Central Maryland marketplace, our commercial office and retail properties have become premier environments for employees to work, consumers to shop, and for the public to interact.

We have found that successful real estate projects seamlessly mesh with its existing surroundings, present unique opportunities and solutions to users, and encourage audience engagement.

Our commercial office product continues to evolve to meet the changing requirements of the modern-day office worker, coupled with the introduction of new technology and work processes into the workplace environment. Shopping habits also shift quickly, and the David S. Brown retail portfolio keeps pace with innovative exterior and interior designs that exceed the expectations of retailers and consumers.

Each project has been carefully designed to inspire, solve a real estate problem and to build long-term value for the company and its investors.

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