Amy Chong and Deandre Fogle Receive DSB Residential Awards of Excellence

Q3) Amy Chong is the Leasing Consultant at The Residences at Brookside Commons and Ingram Manor. Amy is our 3rd quarter Award of Excellence recipient.

Amy started with David S. Brown Enterprises in 2016 and has worked at Symphony Center, 405 W Redwood and Metro Crossing throughout her tenure. Amy is a top leaser who consistently performs over the standard leasing benchmarks in sales and customer engagement. Amy came to Brookside at the end of 2019 and has leased both Ingram and Brookside Commons back to our desired capacity! Amy is a dedicated employee who never calls out, works overtime when asked and is a great asset to her Property Manager, Michael Minor. Amy is a current candidate for her NALP designation which she expects to receive by the end of this year.

Q4) Deandre Fogle is the Service Technician at Symphony Center Apartments and 405 W Redwood. Deandre is our 4th quarter Award of Excellence recipient.

Deandre started with David S. Brown Enterprises in 2012 and has worked at almost all of our communities in some capacity over the years.  Deandre is a dedicated employee who goes above and beyond. He is a fan favorite among our residents who are always writing letters to our leadership team singing his praises. Deandre demonstrates flexibility by pitching in when asked and is his extremely dependable.  At the 2018 Star Awards, Deandre won the Bronze award for Service Technician of the year!