Employee of Quarter 2 2020: Tim Barwick

Tim Barwick is the current Maintenance Supervisor at Moravia Park and Lake Falls. Tim started with the company in April of 2016 as the companies HVAC specialist and floating Tech. Tim has always been the go to guy for Heating and A/C installs. He has always been willing to train new technicians and share his knowledge.

In December of 2019 Tim was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor at Moravia and Lake Falls. When Tim arrived at Moravia he revamped the entire Maintenance Department. From day 1 Tim started tearing down the old shop and rebuilding his new shop. He restructured his staff and put new policies and procedures in place. Tim set up a training program that he oversees and his techs have made great strides in their skill levels. Tim is very hands-on and is always willing to jump in and help out.

In addition to his current responsibilities as maintenance supervisor, Tim is always willing to help out with A/C installs and train technicians at other properties as well. Tim is a very motivated individual with a positive attitude. Tim never hesitates to come in early or stay late when the job requires it.

Tim is highly respected by his staff and other members of the company. Tim is a great addition to the team and his work ethic, knowledge and positive attitude on a daily basis makes him a valuable asset at David S. Brown.