Promotion: Michelle Skinner

It is with great pleasure that we announce the promotion of Michelle Skinner, Property Manager of St. Charles at Olde Court Apartments and Edmondson Park Apartments to the title Senior Property Manager. The David S. Brown Senior Property Manager manages at least two assets in excess of 500 units and oversees a staff of at least fifteen. This position also requires the composure to manage a large asset with many demands. It requires bringing out and demanding the best in people and making tough choices that may not always be popular. Michelle’s inspiring commitment shows through in her long hours and dedication to the company, her residents, and her employees. Michelle’s compassion and sensitivity to her residents and employees will make her a successful Senior Property Manager.
Michelle will remain on site at St Charles in her new role, but will act as a resource for our other managers and offer support through special projects and leadership initiatives. She will also be a sounding board for our managers and will meet and strategize with them to bring back ideas and suggestions to make us stronger.
Congrats Michelle!